The rhetorical question: 'Daddy? What did you do in cold war?' applies to mom, brother, sister, uncle, auntie, cousin, friend, neighbor, and colleague. Millions American soldiers and civilians served The Eternal Cold War on US Army bases across West Germany. Regular regular young men and women, volunteers, civil servants, and draftees. Smart guys, dumb guys, geeks, studs, patriotic warriors, lazybones, workhorses, scheming operators, truck driving cowboys, and the earnestly credulous; mostly basic good-hearted honest Americans from the sticks, small towns, medium cities, suburbs, and the core big bad cities. East coast, west coast, lots from the middle.

"So I just walked into that pisshead Colonel's office without knocking or saluting or nothing.
And I say to the some bitch, I said,...." 
                                                                                              The inevitable GI lie.

     In the tradition of M.A.S.H. and Catch-22The Kaserne speaks on behalf of millions of Americans who served abroad in Germany. A real-life like story of soldiers, civilians, men and women, Americans and Germans on a typical small forlorn and threadbare US Army base called Wilkin Barracks in Kornwestheim, Germany; when, one swamp-muggy August heat wave afternoon in 1980, a heartbreaking tragic accidental death occurs among them. Romance, human comedy, espionage, special-ops school, cavorting with the natives, and variations on the eternal GI’s story: ‘How I ended up in the Army’ are the stuffing and substance this historical memoir, as told by Raymie and Désirée Wolfsohn, a husband and wife team of civilian undercover DIA agents, of comical, tragic, and touching comings and doings of all too human youthful Americans abroad struggling to define their places in life.
Find out what they were doing over there in Germany.
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Captain Rex Taggart
Able Archer
 “Daddy? What did you do in The Cold War?”

A great book for you forgotten cold war veterans, and your family & friends who never quite Got it too. Everyone who lived through GI parties, Article 15s, Alerts, Short!Grafenwöhr, hand-receipts, FTA, AFNTV, and your last 4.
The Kaserne is a real-life honest, funny, interesting, exiting, and heartbreaking novel about all the millions of plain old American soldiers and civilians who served over in Europe to fight the Cold War.
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A novel of U.S. GIs serving in
Cold War Era Germany
A Comedy.  A Romance.  A Tragedy.